• Double mechanical float system for reliable operation
  • Secondary float acts as a safety precaution by shutting off water supply
  • Manual reset switch located at top of system for easy access
  • Available in White or Black
  • 5 micron air filter
  • ¼ ” inlet tube for connection to water supply
  • Noise dampening technology for quite operation
  • Durable polyethylene cabinet comes with UV protection to prevent fading


The Glacier Point of Use water dispenser is available in Hot and Cold or Cook and Cold models. The rounded cabinet and fluted front give the Glacier a classic Greek column design suitable for any environment. While being aesthetically pleasing, the polyethylene cabinet smooth finish is easy to clean and refurbish. This commercial grade cooler will deliver years of trouble free optimum performance.


Power rating Single phase
(220V-240V 50Hz)
(100V-115V 60Hz)
Standard current 220-240VAC Hot & Cold: 2.7A, Cook & Cold: 0.8A
100-115VAC Hot & Cold: 6.2A, Cook & Cold: 1.2A
Cold 74W
Hot 450W
Cold Compressor Single phase motor (TS24 LATG)
Refrigerant R134a
Temp range 4-10°C(39.2-50°F)
Capacity 3.2L (0.8 gal)
Hot Heater Band heater
Temp range 74-92°C (165.2-197.6°F)
Temp control 82-89°C (179.6-192.2°F)
Capacity (External Heater) 2L (0.5 gal)
Capacity (Internal Heater) 1L (0.3 gal)
Refrigerant charge 25g (0.9 oz)
Product weight Hot & Cold: 13.6kg (30.1 lb), Cook & Cold: 12.5kg (27.5 lb)
Product boxed weight Hot & Cold: 15.5kg (34.2 lb), Cook & Cold: 14.2kg (31.3 lb)
Product dimensions 312(W) X 314 (D ) X 980(H)mm
12.2"(W) X 12.4"(D) X 38.6"(H)
Product boxed dimensions 330(W) X 340(D) X 1120(H)mm
12.6"(W ) X 13.4"(D) X 44.1 "(H)
Loading quantity 20' Container: 238 Units
40' Container: 490 Units
IEC protection class Class 1
Certifications C-UL-US, CE, CB, CCC, SASO


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Specifications Data

  • 110V Glacier POU water cooler (Hot & Cold)            → Download
  • 110V Glacier POU water cooler (Cook & Cold)          → Download
  • 220V Glacier POU water cooler (Hot & Cold)           → Download
  • 220V Glacier POU water cooler (Cook & Cold)         → Download


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