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CrystalFlo™ Water Cartridge

The CrystalFlo™ is the most convenient and efficient way to thoroughly sanitize your water dispenser. The removal and replacement process can be done simply with minimal training and in less than 30 seconds. All water contact points are replaced which ensures that 100% sanitization is achieved every time. In addition to improving the refurbishment process within the service department, the CrystalFlo™ gives you the option of cleaning and sanitizing on site, which reduces equipment handling and extends the life of the water cooler. The CrystalFlo™ also provides an additional revenue opportunity with repeat sales through regularly scheduled sanitization.


Follow User Manual instructions for opening the top and unclipping the old unit, and lift out the old unit straight up. The new unit should be carefully inserted in its place.
After insertion of new CrystalFlo™, hot reservoir should be primed (approx 1 minute/reservoir), cold reservoir should be primed (approx 3 minute/reservoir).


Product Dimensions
8.14" deep x 5.18" wide x 15.90" high
(206.8mm deep x 131.6mm wide x 403.8mm high)

Product Weight: 0.64 Ib (0.29 kg)

SUB-C200345 Bulk Box Dimensions
(package 21pcs CrystalFlo™ Kit)
22.5" deep x 16.5" wide x 26.8” high
(570mm deep x 420mm wide x 680mm high)

SUB-C200349 Bulk Box Dimensions
(package 12pcs CrystalFlo™ Kit for container top load)
44.9" deep x 16.5" wide x 7.9” high
(1140mm deep x 420mm wide x 200mm high)

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